What is with kids and ranch dressing?  My daughters both LOVE the stuff!  They'll dip basically anything in it - chicken fingers, french fries, apple slices, pizza, cookies, grapes...  Whatever!

A few days ago Anne, the five year old, gave herself a bath in the stuff!

In case you didn't know, I am NOT a fan of ranch.  You'll never catch me using the stuff.  I can't even stand the smell!  No idea why...  I just don't.

I was sitting there watching TV when I caught a whiff of ranch.  Then, the smell got stronger.  There was no way this was the smell of the little bit of ranch my daughters were dipping their nuggets in.

As I turned to look in the direction of the table (10 feet away), I saw Annie walk around the corner with a leaking jug of ranch dressing.  This wasn't one of the small bottles, either.  This was a HALF GALLON JUG of the stuff!

It was EVERYWHERE!  Her, the jug, the floor!

Fortunately, it cleans up easy...  Especially if you have help from a hungry cat.