Over the weekend, we made a trip to New Hampshire's Willey House site.

Located in Crawford Notch, between North Conway and the Mount Washington Hotel, the site was original the Willey family farm.  According to Wikipedia, one tragic night, in August of 1826, the entire family was wiped out in a landslide.  As the story goes, fearing a slide, they fled their house and took shelter in the barn.  Unfortunately, the slide ended up taking out the barn, but left the house untouched.

Now, nearly 200 years later, the site is home to a park services station.  There's a gift shop, historical displays, bathrooms, picnic areas, hiking trails, AND WILDLIFE!

There are usually ducks hanging out in the pond.  But, as we learned yesterday, early in the season groups of Canada Geese make the pond their home.

Annie and Denise had a lot of fun feeding the birds.

And, Cooper learned that daddy geese are not his biggest fan.

Wanna' visit the Willey House?  Find it here: