A few short years ago, the only way we could react to a post on Facebook was with a LIKE.  That good ol' thumbs-up.

Then, at the request of millions of users, Zuckerberg and his crew at the monolithic social media company gifted us with a slew of new "reactions".  These included a "sad" button for when you were reacting to posts that you felt were sad, a "haha" for funny posts, a "wow" button for things that legit shocked you, and a "love" button.

For years, I had assumed the "love" button was for sending love (thoughts, prayers, whatever) someone's way.  Then, the "care" button came along.  This REALLY confused me.  Why did we need "care" if we already had "love"?

Eventually, someone explained it to me - and I felt TERRIBLE!

Apparently, the "love" button is supposed to be a "like" on steroids.  So, I would "like" a post about someone getting a new car, but I would "love" someone getting their dream car.

The bigger concern for me was the times that I came across as a major jerk because of all the times misused the "love" button.

So, if I ever reacted with "love" on your posts about the death of a family member, the death of a pet, about you losing your job, or a post about your wife leaving you, I AM SORRY.  Seriously, I had no idea!

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