A few weeks ago, while I was taking my 6 year old daughter DeeDee to school, I got a text message.  My vehicle has a phone Bluetooth connection so the car read the message aloud.

A second later, from the backseat, I hear, "IT TALKS!  You car TALKS!"

After a few more messages, all read by the creepy smooth female voice,  I realized this was a good way to mess with DeeDee.  So now, sending text messages to myself, I can make the car ask her how her day was, if she was good at school, and to tell her to play nice with her little sister.

And, she now thinks the car is psychic and can read minds because it asks her about things that happened when we were away from the car.  The first time it asked, "Denise, how was your hot dog and fries?" she just about freaked.  I explained that the car could read minds.

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