Thomas Perkins, ThinkStock

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, which is this Sunday, Cumberland Farms surveyed their customers about the frozen treat.

Some of the things they found out:

-Even if it is freezing, we still eat ice cream.  95% of people surveyed said they eat ice cream year round.

-We do it eat it more often in the Summer than in the winter with 46% of people saying they eat it 2 or 3 times a week.  11% said they eat ice cream almost every day.

-79% said the best time to eat ice cream is in the evening

-Peanut Butter Cup is the top flavor (a surprise to me, but I admit it is one of my favorite Cumby's ice cream flavors), cookie dough came in second, followed by fruity flavors

-27% said chocolate syrup was their top topping and 20% said whipped cream

Right now, it looks like National Ice Cream Day is going to be mostly sunny with a high around 87...  So, pile a cone high and celebrate!