Now you're probably asking yourself why you'd want to watch an interview that is more than 10 years old of a Maine lobsterman. And my best answer? Nostalgia.

You see, I frequently find myself going down endless internet rabbit holes. You know, the kind where you search for how to fix the sound setting on your living room TV and then 3 hours later you haven't fixed the problem but you're now watching videos of obese Panda Bears rolling down a grassy knoll. That's a funny word, say it with me won't you? Knoll.

Anyway, let's get back on track here. I was just straight-chilling watching some videos on YouTube when I decided to do a general search for 'Only in Maine'. I'll tell you from experience that if you search these three words, you'll find endless pages of content to paw through. Some of it is funny, some of it is painful, and some of it, like this one, is super-educational and cool.

The video is by a channel called Organic Nation and was posted on their page back in October of 2009. So, technically, this video is actually more than a decade old. The video was shot at the Common Ground Fair and features a Maine lobsterman named Ty Babb. He is, or at least was at the time, a Maine fisherman from Tenants Harbor.

There is a lot of cool information about Maine lobster fishing in this short video, but even more fun, is the overall 'Maine' character that Ty is. Watch, learn and have some fun. After-all, this is the closest to the Common Ground Fair that you'll probably get this year.

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