According to the calendar of bizarre holidays, today December 20th is ‘National Games Day’ which got me thinking about what my favorite games are to play. With the possibility of power outages due to weather this maybe what we’ll all be doing over the weekend.

Monopoly is a game that takes some coaxing to get me to play only because of the time factor. Once playing it is quite the game. I’d say it works best with four players. Anymore than that, people tend to make back door deals and gang up on others. I usually play with the entire center card and tax money going into the middle for the one who hits “Free Parking.” I’d rather own the monopolies between "Jail" and "Go to Jail" than the greens and dark blues only because you’ll have people hit them more because of jail and the way the center cards, Community Chest and Chance throw you around the board.

One fun game to play at parties is Apples to Apples. We often bring that out on New Years Eve with the friends we hang out with. The game can get really fun after the kids go to bed because of the comedy that ensues while playing. Basically it’s a game of personalities and word associations. The game can work with probably up to ten.

My wife and I have played our share of Skip-Bo over the years, she is better at it than I am. If it just the two of us, we use two decks and deal out 100 each just to start. I tend to get distracted I think and lose concentration; I think that is Lynn’s strategy to win.

Yahtzee is always a fun and short game. Phase 10, on occasion we’ll play that too.

So there are a few of my favorite games, what are yours?