Over the weekend, I attempted to relive some childhood memories with my son, Bentley.

I consider myself pretty fortunate to have experienced life both before and after the technological boom. This puts my generation in a unique position because we have firsthand knowledge of what it was like to live without the presence of iPhones.

So my neighborhood gang and I would play games like "kick the bucket" or anything, pretend theirs was an octopus in the frog pond, and we'd smoosh fireflies on our arms so we could play "glow hide and seek." I know, we were nuts but imaginative.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

There was one really cool game we played that involved two solo cups and a very long string. This was my grandest adventure because it involved demonstrating to my son what life was like before the cell phone era.

Who ever thought of this, to me, was ingenious. The plan consisted of attaching two solo cups to a string and with the string tightly pulled from our second floor bedroom to the lawn, you could actually speak into the cup and hear the other person.

Bentley was ecstatic when he witnessed it actually working.

However, amidst the excitement, I found myself in a predicament. The string had gotten really stuck on the shingles and I was half perched on the second floor, hanging out of the window trying to get it.

I eventually had to climb onto the roof to "unstuck" the string, which I did. It was easy getting on to the roof but getting back in, a different story.

Naturally, my immediate instinct was to look at my son who was watching every second tell him, I'm okay, everything is okay!

Too bad the string wasn't long enough for Bentley to call the hot firefighters to get me down.

I now proudly sport a bruise just above my belly button as a memento of my roof escapade.

It just goes to show that we older millennials play hard and get bruises.

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