There are many things I don’t understand in life and one of them is Ex-Chicago Bulls and Celebrity "reality" show star Dennis Rodman and his trips to North Korea. He is back there again with a basketball team made up of US citizens. Actually I don’t understand why anyone would want to go there except maybe a journalist to expose real life in North Korea.

This isn’t really meant as a political post but one of comprehension and curiosity. Dennis Rodman says the country isn’t that bad? I have never been there but traveling there isn’t on my bucket list. It is one of the most repressive places in the world and a country where the US has no real diplomatic relations.

I’m guessing Dennis Rodman goes there for publicity and shock value. Maybe Dennis Rodman should be Secretary of State, who am I to say, but it seems dangerous to me. I hope all is okay with the US players if Rodman’s team wins the game Wednesday on the leader's birthday.

That aside, another question I've pondered for a long time, how is traveling to North Korea okay where they are probably America’s biggest foe, but going to Cuba is banned. Cuba hasn’t been a threat to the US in about 50 years?