This decision to pull the movie "The Interview" from release is so insane to me. It is probably a knee-jerk reaction, but I feel the need to say something on the matter.

Either the terrorists have a hold, or the fear over losing money supersedes our so-called "we do what we want, and no one can stop us" attitude. Look, Sony can do what they want, it's their movie, it's their money and lost revenue, but Sony pulling 'The Interview' as it is set to open in a week is just incomprehensible to me.

It shows that we're willing to cave to what would seem to me to be pretty much an idle threat. That being said, I'm not seeing all the info. However, the Dept. of Homeland Security has nothing credible on their radar regarding threats to theaters on Christmas. It's like giving the ransom money in a kidnapping case.

If this is not caving to terrorists, it certainly looks like it. I totally understand Christmas is one of the biggest days at the box office, so in order to keep some people going to the movies, better make it "safe."

Would I go to the theater to see it? No, but I might see another movie even if 'The Interview' was showing.

Regardless, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is probably laughing at us.