On July 8, 1947, news broke about the Roswell incident. Many speculate that the incident was a UFO crash where extraterrestrials were captured and taken to a base for analysis and still may be to this day.

There have been other classic UFO stories, including the 'The Battle Of Los Angeles' and 'The Phoenix Lights'. You just have to watch a couple of Hangar 1 episodes or Unsealed: Alien Files to learn of the possible sightings, crashes and abductions. There is even a well known UFO sighting in Nova Scotia near where I grew up in the small town of Shag Harbour.

Except for the more recent sightings, many of these UFO events happened during the cold war. I'm not saying the Soviets were shooting strange objects our way, but I wouldn't rule out our government testing weird aircraft. Don't forget the UFO incidents tended to be near air bases so to me this would make sense.

It makes for compelling drama with the all of the possible coverups and conspiracy theories but I have a really hard time believing that we've been visited by life from other galaxies and solar systems. I do believe that there is life like us out there somewhere because we can't be the only planet revolving around a star with water and oxygen. That assumes all life needs water and oxygen.

If there have been coverups regarding UFOs I think it's because our government is protecting military technology.

Do you believe we've been visited by aliens or do you think if we can't find them, they can't find us? Maybe you have a different take on the matter. I would also love to hear your story of a sighting if you have one.

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