Monmouth Police hunting for speeders on 202
Monmouth Police hunting for speeders on 202

Back on May 15, 2010, I went to see a Fisher Cats game in Manchester, N.H.  We had a good time, even though the visiting Sea Dogs lost. Ate at the Arrowhead Diner, and everything was all good until the drive home. It was a Saturday night at 11:49 on I-95 in Wells where I was bagged for going 91 in a 65.

No warning, just a $250 dollar ticket. I was thinking about this, I believe now it is as if that violation never happened. After three years, I believe my license is now clean!

Why am I bringing this up today? On my way into work, a truck coming west on 202 in Monmouth flicked his high beams at me. Flashing the high beams is sort of a code that there is a cop ahead taking radar. I was probably going 62. It’s 55 through that part of 202, so I wasn’t too worried, but it was nice to have the heads up. And yes there was an officer there waiting for a speedy victim.

Do you warn on coming drivers of a speed trap? I used to when I was younger, but now I figure if you’re speeding it’s your problem. Maybe I should after that guy doing it for me? On occasion I will still give a warning, but normally I don't.