During our show this morning on "Matt & Lizzy in The Morning," we posed this question to our listeners,

Have you ever gotten a ticket that wasn’t for speeding?

The responses varied from parking tickets to accidents. But one caller really stood out to me and I needed to investigate this further. She was pulled over and the police officer asked to see her identification. When she opened her wallet, he noticed that she had two forms of IDs.

Guess what he did next? She told us that he gave her like a $100 ticket! I couldn't believe it. So the next thing I did was looked in my wallet and I immediately noticed two forms of ID stuck together. It was my expired license and my new license. So now I'm like, "Am I going to have a fine if a cop sees my IDs?"

I dig some digging and found on Reddit that someone posed the same question. Some people are assuming it could be illegal due to possible fraud. But I didn't get a clear answer. I couldn't find this law anywhere. So maybe you can help?

This article is now a call to action to our law enforcement. Is it illegal to carry two forms of ID. If so, is it because they are done by the same issuer? Or is it something else. It's a very weird law, in my opinion but let's see if we can't figure this out, together!

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