Hi, it's Lizzy and I've got some bone-chilling news. Remember how I told you about the ghosts in my house?

The Happy Ghost in My New Maine House is No Longer Happy

Well, they're really stepping up their game. I'm talking "next level fear" here.

My wife and I often check up on our security camera's around our home to make sure raccoons or other rodents aren't messing in our basement and we both heard this guttural, animalistic sound come from the video.

I mean, I've heard some strange noises in my time, but this was on another level. I was so scared I nearly turned into a ghost myself.

Literally. There were no animals, no people, no wind, no rain, no nothing. Except for the bone-chilling sound that was definitely not of this world, in my opinion.

I've included the video below so you can experience the horror for yourself

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure this is a spirit. My wife and I weren't even home, so we couldn't have made that ungodly noise. And to make matters worse, it all went down in our basement. Basement ghosts? No thanks, I'm out.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Just move out, girlie." But this house is amazing. It's my dream home!

We renovated it and it's got such great energy. Except for, you know, the ghostly moans of terror in the lower level of death. But other than that, it's all good!

I'm hoping our friendly ghost just had a bad night. Maybe they're going through a breakup or something. Any exorcists out there? Help a sister out.

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