It was a tragic ending to a fire that broke out inside a Maine home over the weekend that led to the death of multiple pets inside the house.

According to WGME 13, fire crews were called to the scene of a blaze on Knight Pond Road in South Berwick at around 12 noon on Saturday. While the fire department was responding to the fire, a large cloud of black smoke was visible from quite a distance away.

South Berwick Fire Department
South Berwick Fire Department

The news station is reporting this morning that fire officials were able to get the fire under control within an hour of their arrival on scene. Though no human injuries were reported during the blaze, it's being reported that two dogs did in fact die inside the home during the fire.

The South Berwick Fire Department said in its debrief that there was no one home at the time the fire broke out. And, because the home sits about 600 feet away from the roadway, it took some time for the fire to be noticed and then reported.

South Berwick Fire Department
South Berwick Fire Department

WGME confirms that eight different fire departments responded to the scene of the fire on Saturday afternoon. At this time, the cause of the fire remains under investigation as officials work to determine what ignited the blaze.

Our thoughts go out to the homeowners and their family during this difficult time.

This story will be updated when more information is made available to us from the South Berwick Fire Department.

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