If it wasn't for bad luck, I probably wouldn't have any. With that being said, I have about 10,000 stories I could tell you from our fishing adventures over the years, and most likely, they would all have to do with me getting injured or losing something. No exception here!

We headed out fishing on Clary Lake in Whitefield/Jefferson yesterday morning at about 6 in the morning. I met my buddies Joey and Nate at the boat landing and we headed off for some beer.. I mean fishing. Once we got on the boat I put the key fob to my Jetta (thank God not my truck) in the top door of my tackle box and latched it closed. Well, what I didn't notice is that when I closed it, one side of the hinges popped out. You want to know when I DID realize that it had happened? Right about the time i opened the lid to retrieve a new lure and I heard the gut-wrenching 'plop'. I looked over the starboard rail just quickly enough to see the shiny silver end of my key fob sinking out of sight into the depths of the lake. The end.

Thank's to AAA of Northern New England and Mike's Towing in Chelsea for coming to the rescue- again! Yes, this has happened before. But I'll save that story for another time. For today, I think I'll be making a phone call to O'Connor VW and ordering a new car key.

The end. For real.



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