I'm going camping this weekend and wanted to look into some cool and creative ideas on how to maximize my fun and also make things easier with packing! These are some great tips and tricks for making your camping trip a little easier and convenient.

  • 1

    Lighting Hacks

    Head lamps in general or wrapped around an empty water jug for an instant lantern will help you channel your inner night owl. Throw some glow sticks in the cooler to see what beverage you're actually grabbing, too.

  • 2

    Stop Buying Ice For The Cooler

    Instead of buying ice for the cooler, grab a couple large jugs and freeze them before your trip. This way, the jug serves to keep the other items in the cooler cold and once the jug unfreezes, you have some safe drinking water! Use this same jug as stated in the lighting hacks seen above!

  • 3

    Folding Saw

    A folding saw is more easily stored, lightweight, and usable than a hatchet or ax. Used for kindling and cases of emergency a folding saw could come in very handy.

  • 3

    Homemade Fire Starter Kit

    Use an old toilet paper roll filled with dryer lint to make a great homemade fire starter kit to bring along during your trip.

  • 4

    Duct Tape

    Wrap a few rolls around a water bottle or flashlight if you don't feel like bringing the whole roll. Duct tape is ALWAYS useful! A ripped sleeping bag, a broken tent pole, anything and everything - the motto has always been duct tape can fix it!

  • 5

    Old Pill Bottles or Tic-Tac Containers

    A dash of olive oil, vinegar, cinnamon, garlic, or hot sauce... these small containers are extremely convenient and easily used to spice up your camping dish!

  • 6

    Resealable bags

    Socks, shoes, books, phone... protection from getting these items wet is essential! Use plastic resealable baggies to keep these items dry and protected while you're camping.

  • 7

    Doritos are Kindling

    Doritos can be used for kindling if you are in desperate need of starting a fire.... and aren't that hungry!

  • 8

    Yoga Mat Or Foam Pieces

    Place a yoga mat underneath your sleeping bag. The yoga mat serves as a mattress pad of sorts, is easily rolled up and stored, is light weight, and will truly help with comfortability.

  • 10

    Coffee Containers For EVERYTHING!

    Large coffee containers for keeping toilet paper dry. Coffee creamer containers for everything; from cereal to snacks to scrabbled eggs or pancake mix - all ready for pouring!

  • 11

    Pre-Made Tin Foil Food

    Burritos, kebabs, steak, potatoes, asparagus... so much delicious camp food set on top of the fire can be wrapped in tin foil and ready to throw right on by the time your feet hit the dirt.

  • 12

    Hanging Organizer

    If you're like me... you want things to be easily reachable and always organized for efficiency. With a hanging shoe organizer that you can hang from the top of your tent, items are easily accessible and ready for use without having to dig around in a bag looking for a fork.

  • 13

    Coffee Filter & Dental Floss

    This little tip can help you brew some coffee the tea-fashioned way. Fill the coffee filter with coffee before tying it shut with the dental floss (that you should have already brought along with your tooth brush - because everyone flosses!) This creates a makeshift tea bag filled with coffee for your wake up convenience.

  • 14

    Matches & Mason

    Put your matches in a mason jar and put a piece of sand paper on the top so that you always have something to strike up on! This keeps the matches dry too!