Whether you want to resize your pictures or adjust the color, contrast or brightness, there are tons of programs you can use to do the job but I have favorites I'll share with you that I have tried.

You can do things completely online if you have a fast connection and aren't looking for all the bells and whistles.  Editors like Pixlr (A Moose crew favorite) or FotoFlexer (with a GREAT Smart Scissors function) will do a good job and there's no cost to you..

If you want to use a program on your computer to do the work, I would personally recommend the very powerful PhotoImpact X3 for just $29.95. It's a lot cheaper than PaintShop or PhotoShop and, for the average user, will do a more than adequate job.

If you DO want more professional software, there's always the aforementioned.

If you want pro results with minimal cash layout, try the latest Photoshop Elements.