This may be a good summer to check out Canada. The Canadian dollar could be at 85 cents US say experts.

Of course the value of a dollar is a two way street but if no one is coming south from Canada this may be a problem for the Maine tourism season and the money that comes in from vacationing Canadians especially at places like Old Orchard Beach.

Will this have an affect on the Nova Star, the new Portland, Maine-Yarmouth, NS ferry?

I know when I lived in Canada, a lousy Canadian dollar wouldn't deter us from taking a vacation in the US but it did kind hurt when you went for the exchange at the bank.

Going the other way it works out great, you use your debit card at Canadian stores when in Canada and you seem to have a lot more money in your account. It’s almost like it never depletes.

I can remember the Canadian dollar down around 70 cents US about 15 years ago. It was totally awesome traveling to Canada. It even makes it easier to stomach the price of gas at the Canadian pumps

If the Canadian dollar does get down into the 85 cent range, take a trip to Canada for a weekend.