If you're not following Maine lobsterman, Jacob Knowles, then you really should be. Not only does he appear to be an all-around nice guy, he is also super entertaining and very educational when it comes to coastal Maine waterways and lobster fishing.

Recently, he posted a video that amassed more than 10 million views on the popular social media platform, TikTok. People were completely taken aback by a recent catch on his boat. It appears as though Knowles was able to catch not only a multi-colorted lobster (super-rare), but a half male, half female lobster (ever more rarer... is that a word).

People on TikTok voiced their amazement in the comment section. Jacob went on to explain that they typically put a notch in the tail of egg-bearing female lobsters to indicate to other fishermen that she shouldn't be kept. However, he speculated that notching this lobster wouldn't do much good considering the crustacean is half-male.

Check out the video below where he explains that the blue side is female and the other side is male. Pretty wild, ain't it?!


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