For many people, an on-site shredding event may sound like a super-boring way to spend the kickoff to the weekend. However, ask anyone who has ever been the victim of identity theft, and they may tell you this is the best thing you can do with your time.

You see, the trash is an incredibly easy way for people with bad intentions to get ahold of your sensitive information which can lead to full-on identity theft. Think about it for just a moment, won't you?

You get that credit card statement in the mail and chuck it in the waste basket. That's all well and good until someone gets into your trash and finds it. Now, at the very least, they know who you have for a credit card provider.

At the worst, this person could gain access to all kinds of personal information that you don't want them to have. Account numbers, available balances, your email and phone number. See where I'm going with this?

That's why completely destroying sensitive documents that you no longer need around is so incredibly important. You can spend years, even a lifetime, trying to recover from identity theft attempt. People's lives have been ruined over this before- don't become a victim.

According to an article published in the Kennebec Journal, an on-site shredding event is going to be happening this coming Friday, May 17th, at Bath Savings Bank in the parking lot directly next to the Chapman Hall House in Damariscotta, Maine.

The event, which will run from 8a-12n, is a great opportunity for those people who are still holding on to sensitive documents that they no longer need. The best part? There is no 'set' charge for this shredding event.

Instead, organizers are encouraging donations that will go to support some educational programs and upkeep and maintenance for the Chapman House Hall. And, have you ever seen one of those on-site shredding trucks? They are SO cool to watch in action!

So it's definitely a win-win for those who wish to attend this event. Not only can you ensure that your sensitive documents get completely destroyed, never to end up in the hands of an identity thief, but you also have the chance to help support a great community program as well.

Again, you can find the on-site shredding event happening this Friday from 8a-12n at Bath Savings Bank in Damariscotta, Maine according to the Kennebec Journal.

See you there!

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