Every Father's day is a little bit different for me. Sometimes we do something big and exciting, but most years, it's a couple cards and maybe some Chinese food.

I don't really come from a family of celebrators, hard to believe I know. So when things like this roll around, we acknowledge them, exchange a card or two, post a sentimental Facebook status and go on with the day. It's not that no one in my family cares about their sons or fathers, but more that we think it's important to celebrate those relationships every day of the year. Through daily phone calls, texts and visits.


However, now that I'm a father (and have been for over 8 years) Father's Day itself has taken on a whole new meaning. It's not so much about me or my dad anymore as much as it is my little guy, Evan. I want to make sure that he sees this day as an opportunity to do something fun, something he enjoys, something with dad!


As most all of you know, I consider myself a pretty avid fisherman. Not competitive or anything, heck I don't think I'd even enjoy fishing a tournament, mainly because it involves people, eww! Well, Evan seems to be getting into it just as much as I have and wants to go fishing whenever he gets the chance. So I have promised him that this coming Sunday (Father's Day) we would dump the boat into the lake and do some bass fishing! He is overjoyed about having a 'scheduled fishing trip with Dad' on the calendar. We'll probably even bring the wife and dock at the Landing for some lunch halfway through the day.



No matter how you decide to spend your Father's day, I truly hope you have a blessed time and enjoy the little things that life has to offer!