It's no surprise that there are literally Facebook groups for absolutely everything these days. Groups for motorcycle enthusiasts, pet lovers and everything in between is available at your fingertips on the wide world of Facebook.

And, sometimes, these groups are even recommended for you to join based on what Facebook knows about you through the algorithm. And, SOMETIMES, those groups are just completely wild.

For example, based on my interests, I'm part of a couple different Harley Davidson groups, a couple different Golden Retriever groups and even a couple of 'dad joke' groups on Facebook. But nothin could have prepared me for the absolutely belly laugh I let out when this group came through my feed yesterday.

Facebook suggested that I would like the group, 'Give Red's Eats The Finger'. Yup, that is actually a group on Facebook. So, naturally, I joined! Now, I personally don't have anything against Red's Eats, the internationally known seafood take out join on Route 1 in Wiscasset, but apparently, other people do.

cool aug
cool aug

Give Red's Eats The Finger has amassed a following of more than 7,000 people, all seemingly dedicated to one important mission- flipping the bird to the traffic congesting restaurant. However, there are some rules that are made very clear in the group so as not to take things too far.

For example, group administrators remind new users to never yell obscenities at Red's Eats OR their patrons. They also say they will not tolerate any hate speech or bullying, especially making fun of people's fingers. And lastly, but certainly not leastly, they don't want anyone defending Red's Eats.

Red's Crowd
Red's Crowd

Now, I haven't spoken with any direct representative of the world-famous food establishment, but I HAVE to assume that they know about this Facebook page. There's no way they can't, right?

Additionally, I also have to assume that they're not making any attempts to get it shut down. I mean, after all, this totally falls under the proverbial umbrella of 'any publicity is good publicity', right?

And, when I drove by last weekend on my way to Boothbay Harbor, it certainly didn't look like the little red shack was hurting for business.

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