Hey, we are Mainers and even the hottest of summer days we need to be thinking about winter and heating our homes.  So based that truth let’s talk about fire wood.  I loved having a wood stove. Having a fireplace or wood stove and be a treat. I can tell you next time I buy a home I WILL have a wood stove.  They are so warm, cozy and practical.  If you lose power you have way to heat your space, heat some water and cook a meal.  Let me be clear I am also lazy so it would not be my only source of heat. I have lived in home where it was the primary source of heat and that middle of the night stocking the wood stove and fluctuations in temperature unless you were there to make sure it had a constant diet of wood would not work for my life as it currently stands.

There is an old saying about fire wood heats you three times…when you cut it, when you stack it and when you burn it. I get it. It is a work out and you need to get it stacked so it is ready for you and it has a bit more of a chance to dry out before you need it. Wet wood smokes, it does not really burn.

With that in mind then I ask “how is the best way to stack wood?” Turns out there are a number of way to make a wood pile. Who knew? You can just stack it up and call it good. But I found interesting about this video is that most of them has this core of the stack that the wood was standing creating a chimney effect and drawing air out to help dry the wood quicker.

Remember when I told you I was kind of lazy…I guess you can just toss a tarp over the pile and toss a few cinder blocks on it and call it good. I don’t think it will dry all that well but at least it is something. Don’t be like me…stack the wood.  It is like a extreme work out in your own back yard.

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