Me? Fireworks? Meh.  I have never been a fan of loud explosions. If we could just do silent fireworks I would LOVE them! Silly me.

But the 4th of July is right around the corner and it is full on fireworks time.

SO, where can you find a local fireworks display done by the pros? Check out this list from

But you say...'Renee I can have my own in my own back yard!'.  Please check your local laws.  While fireworks are legal in Maine some communities have made other rules that ban or restrict them. Here is the last of Maine cities and towns with their rules from the Maine Fire Marshall's office. The Maine Fire Marshall's office also have a bunch of other safety information here. Check that out, even sparkles can be dangerous...those suckers are red hot.

And if you are going to set off your own fireworks, please think about your neighbors. If you live near with animals, even your own, it can be traumatizing and dangerous for them.

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