First of all, I'm very happy to see ferry service is back between Portland and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Now, according to this story in the Bangor Daily News, we could get passenger rail service running up to Montreal within a year! The train if the everything works out would run from Boston to Montreal with stops in Auburn and Bethel. The organizers say it would be great for tourists and cross border economics. The paperwork needs to be done by October to get the idea to reality in hopes of starting service by the summer.

One of my major complaints has always been that there is no mass transit between Maine and Canada without paying an arm and a leg by flying and using either New Jersey or Toronto as a hub for transfer. Today I wake up with a done deal regarding ferry service to Nova Scotia and possible rail service to Montreal.

I would so take the train. Montreal is a beautiful city, and even nicer if you don't have to drive through it. Mount Royal is up there with the top of the Empire State Building as one of the best skyline views of a city I've seen. Montreal also has a subway system you wouldn't even need a car. It is a city with great attractions and entertainment.

Contrary to popular belief, most if not pretty much all retailers will flip to English if that's how you begin to speak. Montreal is very cosmopolitan and has really good food. My last piece of advice would be, I wouldn't however wear Bruins merch in Montreal, as they are rabid Canadiens fans.