Have you checked out our 2021 Boat Show?  It is ALL online and you can browse the boats, accessories, services can learn more about the whole boating experience from our 2021 Virtual Boat Show.

Last year, the year of COVID, was a big year for doing things that were close to home, physically distanced from other people, and got you outside and boating was high on that list.  There is a report from the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the sale of boats and boat-related accessories was up 9% to $47B in 2020, a 13 year high. Without all the fancy facts…most of that was from people giving this whirl and were first-time buyers.

The timing of the pandemic helped as well, as we moved into pandemic life the weather was getting nicer and nice weather is boating weather. Maybe you thought about it last year but…gees…you were not sure…but you are still interested…make this your year. The 2021 Virtual Boat Show is the perfect way to get your feet wet and find out more about the types of boats, the different area dealers, and all things boating.

The 2021 Virtual Boat Show is powered by Clark Marine, Puddledock Road in Manchester. No matter where you are in the voyage to boat ownership as a first-time owner or looking to trade in that old one for something new, the boat show is perfect for you. Check out pontoons, bowriders, fishing boats, inboards, outboards, there is have something for everyone! Stop dreaming about life on the water, and start living it!

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