This little tip popped up today on the Moose Morning Show as we did our 'Time Hop of the Radio,' where we talk about things on our social media from years gone by. I talked about a little trick to keep flies out of your house.

We all have the issue sometimes, especially in the summer as we run out to the deck to BBQ, or the kids leave the screen doors open, and flies take over. It can be a huge problem.

We used to give the kids a nickel for for every dead fly they brought us. Here's a cheaper solution that a freind on facebook sent me a few years ago. I completely forgot about it.

You take zip lock baggies, fill them half-way with water, and put in 4 pennies. Zip them shut and then tack the bag to a doorway entrance, a post, or a wall.

We have tried it before, and it seemed to work. Why? I don't know.

How does it work? Well a commentator at says:

...that each of the millions of molecules of water presents its own prism effect and given that flies have a lot of eyes, to them it's like a zillion disco balls reflecting light, colors and movement in a dizzying manner. When you figure that flies are basically prey for many other bugs, animals, birds, etc., they simply won't take the risk of being around that much perceived action.

According to

A December 2010 episode of Mythbusters found no significant difference between the number of flies attracted to a chamber holding both rotten meat and a plastic bag of water (without coins) and one which held only rotten meat.

Here's an explanation of maybe why it doesn't work. Is it just a placebo effect?

Whether it works or not, seems to be worth a try if flies are an issue!

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