Over the last few days, you may have seen the viral Facebook post (shared over 16,000 times) about the search for the owner of a class ring found in Afghanistan.

Supposedly, the ring belonged to someone named Josh who graduated from Kennebunk High School in 2007.

Apparently, this is not the case.

According to WGME, that particular class at KHS had only one graduate named Josh, and it's not him.

If you look though the comments, it appears the owner may have been located.  It belongs to a graduate from Kashmere High School in Texas.

There's no word on what made the finder think it belonged to someone from Maine.  If you look closely at the side of the ring there is an mention of ROTC, but there doesn't appear to be a Junior ROTC program at Kennebunk High School.

We all just hope the ring gets to its owner, no matter where he lives.

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