Kevin Boucher is a meat cutter at Tobey's Grocery in South China. Right now, he wishes he could be back behind the counter greeting smiling customers and giving advice on cuts of meat, but he can't. You see, Kevin is very sick...

I had seen Kevin on occasion when I stopped by Tobey's for steak, hamburger or some marinated chicken. Just a nice guy who makes you feel like he's happy to see you at his counter. That's the reason so many people turned out on Friday to show their support.

Kevin has a rare form of cancer and Friday afternoon, store owners Pete and Dawn Haskell, along with manager Shawn Cunningham, decided to show Kevin some love and invite people to come in and say hi to him and support his battle, with donations. Donations were good for face painting (green ribbons, which are for the "fight dirty," symbolizing Kevin's fight against his disease). T-shirts with the same emblem and phrase were available as well as haircuts, baked goods and even a kissing booth!

As we were having our picture taken, Kevin turned to me and said, "I can't believe all these people came out for me. I'm just a meat cutter."

He was clearly surprised and in a good way. He had no idea how many people he's touched and, undoubtedly, countless others, who couldn't get by that evening, were there in spirit.

Kevin is a good young man, only 21-years-old. Even for those short periods when people come into the store and he greets them with that infectious smile and "glad to see ya" attitude, they feel a bond. Whether he realizes it or not, he touches people and brings some joy into what may have, otherwise, been a bad day.

Kevin, You deserve all the good that comes your way and you will beat this, my friend. Just keep the faith!