Gabbie St. Peter and Alice Willette are two George J. Mitchell Elementary School, Waterville, third grade students and best friends. We’ve followed their story from the beginning culminating with them helping to raise over $40,000 in starting a food pantry for their school.

The 2 young ladies last year turned their birthdays into all the amazing food and monetary donations, not to mention a visit on the 'Ellen Show!' How to top that?

Well, for their 9th birthday, they are turning their huge hearts to their four legged friends and helping out the animal shelters in their area.

They are accepting cash donations as well as old blankets and towels, dog and cat food, animal toys, cat litter and cleaning supplies. Check out their current page and on facebook and their new website.

They joined us on the Moose Morning Show to let us know how their latest endeavor is going and how you can help!