For the better part of a decade, The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens have hosted a cool Holiday light display called Gardens Aglow.  The event uses more than half a million bulb to illuminate the gardens - last year they used about 650,000 bulbs.  It truly is a magical experience!

Clearly, with all that is going on, some people have been concerned that the event might not take place in 2020.  The good news is that it will happen.  But, like almost everything this year, it will be different.

According to the Boothbay Register, this year's Gardens Aglow will be a drive-thru event, instead of a walking tour.

Tickets will be sold per vehicle, not per person.  Tickets will need to be purchased in advance and they will be for a specific date and time.  In order to keep traffic flowing smoothly, they intend to release the cars in blocks of 50 every fifteen minutes.  Because of the tight roads / paths people will be driving, only passenger vehicles will be allowed.  No vans, mini-buses, Hummers, or tractor-trailers.

Even with the changes, they still plan to have a community lighting contest.  If you were thinking about entering, there's no time like the present to start planning.

Personally, as a person who is not a fan of the cold, I love the idea of doing it this way.  You can leisurely drive through the gardens, in your heated car, listening to your own music.

Get more details at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens website.

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