It was another milestone in the little life of Gavin last night. He had his very first haircut from Guin Pottle at the all-new Roots Hair Salon on Route 3 in South China.

We had been practicing 'haircuts' at home for the last couple of weeks by sitting him in a chair and pretending to clip his hair with our kitchen scissors. He seemed to enjoy it and wasn't overly nervous, so that was a good sign!

Last night when we went to the appointment he did great. I had him sit on my lap like I did when I had my first haircut. Guin was awesome and super-interactive with him the whole time- he loved it.

At the end, since we were done a little early, we tossed Evan in the chair for a little ear-lowering, too. Though not his first cut, it was his first one by Guin, and he's convinced she'll be the only one allowed to touch his hair now. What a diva!

If you're looking for top-notch hair care, styling, cuts, colors or anything in-between, book with Guin now. She's so popular in Central Maine that she if often booking out by months not weeks.

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