Yeah, we know it seems a little out there that an article being written from Eustis, Maine (Hi, it's Matt, I'm in Eustis right now overlooking the beautiful Flagstaff Lake) on August 18, 2023, is talking about plowable snow is pretty crazy.

And we would completely and utterly agree with you on this.

However, it is in fact true what you read.

The city of Augusta, Maine, along with many others around the state, is getting ready to be dumped on by that ice-cold b*tch, Mother Nature.

How could this even be remotely possible you might be asking? We haven't even gotten through hurricane season yet, have we? No, no we haven't.

And while today we are expecting some torrential downpours, damaging wind and even some hail, we are really truly talking about snow already.

Now when is this snowfall that Augusta is preparing for and exactly how much can we expect to see?

Well, that's the thing. We don't exactly know. This is because the storm they are preparing for is.... all of them!

That's right, we are pretty confident that we're not going to see any plowable snow in the next few weeks, but that's not stopping the great team at the Augusta Public Works garage from getting their big orange plow trucks, plow blades, and sanders ready for what's sure to be an eventful winter.

If you remember back a few weeks ago, the Farmer's Almanac was out with its winter predictions, and, at least for Maine, it promises to be wicked-friggin-snowy.

So take a look below at the APW Facebook post where they are talking about getting the fleet ready for the winter ahead!

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