So far, we've had a pretty mild winter.  Yes, I know winter is only a few weeks old, but we normally start seeing winter weather in early to mid November.  We've had a few days of light snow and a handful of days where we got a nasty wintry mix (rain, freezing rain, sleet, a little snow).  We really have not gotten a lot of use out of our shovels or plows.

It looks like we could see our first real snowstorm of 2022 on Friday.

According to and the National Weather Service, we can expect to get over half a foot of snow on Friday.

Right now (January 3rd), the meteorologists are calling for the snow to start sometime on Friday morning.  It will start in the south and west and move it's way into Central Maine and north.  The snow will continue throughout the day and will taper off after midnight.

Throughout most of Maine, Central Maine and Midcoast Maine included, we can expect to get over half a foots.  Some estimates are saying we could get as much as 10"!  It looks like it is going to be quite windy, too.  The coast could winds of up to 25 MPH.

Yeah, not a crazy amount of snow for some winters, but more than we have had since we got our first cold snap.  The upcoming storm comes as great news for Maine's tourism industry.  The ski resorts and businesses that cater to snowmobilers will see a big benefit from the snow.

It is too early to know if schools will be closed on Friday, but when crazy weather happens, we have you covered.  Obviously, we'll have you covered with cancellations and delays through our Storm Center.

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