Remember when you were young and you wanted a dog or cat so you jumped in the Volkswagen and drove to your local pet store, picked out your animal from the choices they had and then left? Well, things have changed.

Now you can do anything online like pick and choose the exact breed of your dog and have it delivered or mailed directly to your house. No amount of distance could separate you from your future fur baby.

And in some cases, you travel to the destination and pick up the pet yourself.

For Ellie Luken, of West Gardiner, there is certainly no amount of time or space that would keep her away from her beloved pup.

Winston via Ellie Luken
Winston via Ellie Luken

Meet Winston and boy, does he have an enchanting personality. I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie and Winston during the holidays and Winston stole my heart.

We got to chatting and Ellie told me that in order to adopt Winston, in one day she traveled 16 hours total through 8 states for him. In mid-May of 2020, her mother and she drove all the way to Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, to meet Winston.

Winston's precise breed is a West Highland White Terrier and Ellie's best friend. She often to takes him to the bustling Augusta Marketplace not just for a walk, but in order to be around people.

Apparently, it's Winston's favorite pastime. When he's feeling down, Ellie takes him out in public and lets friends and neighbors fawn over Winston, and he instantly feels better.

It just goes to show how times have changed a bit but the best part is that what once could have seemed impossible is now possible. Y

ou can buy anything, anywhere, as long as you have a full tank of gas, a GPS, and car snacks!

Please enjoy the gallery below of Winston and Ellie!

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