Maybe it is because we've had so many other things going on, but it seems like this spring hasn't really felt like spring.  Then again, winter didn't really feel like winter, did it?  Well, until we hit spring.  That's when we started getting all the snow and ice.

It's almost like fall, winter, and spring got rolled into one hellacious MEGASEASON!  If the people at Syfy read this, you can expect that to be the plot of their next Syfy Original Movie.  Look out, "Sharknado"!

Anyway, as we near the official start to Summer 2020, on June 20th, it looks like we're going to get hit with actual late-spring / summer weather.

According to the Weather Channel, in Central Maine, we can expect sunny skies and a high of 93 for Friday.  On Saturday, it'll be partly sunny with a high of 89.  On Sunday, it'll be mostly cloudy, but still steamy with a high of 87.

On the mid-coast, that ocean breeze will keep it significantly cooler.  Friday will be 79, while both Saturday and Sunday will be around 73.

Todd Gutner and the team at News Center Maine had a very similar forecast.

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