Our saga over the passports continues. A few weeks ago, we attempted to get our passports, but it turned into a mess. We got what we thought we needed together, birth certificates, the passport applications and the official photos, but it’s just not that easy. Read more about that experience here.

About three weeks ago, we tried to get the paperwork sent out from the courthouse in Auburn (Androscoggin County Courthouse on Court St.) and for whatever reason, back then and at this time, they cannot submit your passport application. So it’s still a no go in Auburn.

While in Auburn, they told us if we went to the Lewiston post office, they could submit passport applications. We get there today and they wanted us to make an appointment. I already knew this, but figured I’d go there anyway and be assertive maybe thinking it would be slow and they would want to help. No, we were told once again to call and make an appointment (no walk-ins). We tried calling a few weeks ago to get an appointment, but they couldn’t take enough time out to handle all five of us at once. Basically we got the runaround. The Lewiston post office referred us to the Sabattus post office, saying they took walk-ins.

We all got back in the car; all five of us because we all need to be together to get this done and head on over to the Sabattus post office. We get to Sabattus, the lady working the counter was happy to see us or acted happy. She was thorough with everything we brought in, but only two of us could get our passports done at that moment. Just Vikki and I were the only ones. Lynn and Dylan’s birth certificates didn't provide  enough information and Dylan and Justin had their glasses frames too close  on the eyes in the pictures.

So it’s back to CVS to have retakes done and Lewiston City Hall to get the birth certificate issues taken care of. At about noon after leaving at 9:30 a.m. we were all good to go on all the passports. McDonald’s for lunch then back to Sabattus, except this time both of us in different cars so I could head to Augusta to work straight after the second time. After about another 20 minutes at the Sabattus post office, it was finally "mission accomplished." The applications have been sent out. So we’re off to Canada in July.

Just a quick note. If you're getting a passport, you'll need a birth certificate with the original issue date and it needs to be within a year of your or the person's birth. Your birth certificate must also include the parents' names. Yes, you do have to send out your birth certificate with the application.