Things are happening. We want to know about it and help share the word.  

When it seemed like everything came to a stop at the start of April, the community calendar had fewer and fewer events. We all understand that. But I know there are happening now, and information people want to share.

It is easy to get your community or non-profit event on the community page. You go to the website, and then you click on ‘community’ in the navigation bar at the top of the web page. BOOM. There you go. You can also get the link at the top of the community page.

It is that easy. 

It takes a few days to get it on the calendar, so please submit your event with as much lead time as possible. 

We like two weeks before the event but realize that it is not always doable. So get it to us as soon as you can. Oh ya, did I mention the list is FREE!

I think getting events that are happening back on the calendar is vital for a few reasons. First of all, it is nice to have something positive to do that helps our community. Second of all, even if it is something I cannot attend, it does my heart good to hear about positive things in Maine.

One of the staples on that ‘community page’ list is the link to get you to the American Red Cross blood drives. If you are healthy and able to donate, please do so. If you have never donated before, it is not scary and much more comfortable than I ever imagined. Find our from on the community page and link to the American Red Cross blood drives.

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