This is a story about a little girl who made a best friend all because of a mystery woman.

It all happened last Sunday at CVS in Westbrook from 9-10 in the morning where Madasyn was blessed with a present from an angel.

Alexis Dotson and her daughter Madasyn were at CVS to get a money order.

Alexis told WMTW Channel 8, 

While I was getting my money order, Madasyn noticed this big Minnie Mouse and she really, really wanted it, so I went over and looked at the price tag, and it's way out of my range. I'm a single, struggling parent, So, I told Madasyn while I was there that I'd put in a good word with Santa Claus.

WMTW Channel 8

As this was happening, a woman in a white coat was sin the aisle and happened to over hear how much Madasyn wanted this Minnie Mouse stuffed animal.

As the article states, the lady in the white coat took a look at the price tag and told Madasyn to grab the stuffed animal and bring it to the counter. She then paid for it.

This simple act of kindness blew Alexis away. It restored her faith in humanity. She is a single mom, you see. She struggles and had a very rough year.

We said thank you about a million times, but I didn't think to grab her name. I felt really bad because Madasyn wanted to send a thank you card. She wanted to say thank you, and we don't know anything about this woman.

WMTW Channel 8

Toys for children are so expensive right now, especially Disney or brand named items. It's not easy to see your child's face when you tell them you are unable to do something for them that you truly know they deserve.

It was so nice to see Madasyn so excited because as I said I can't provide a lot for her most of the time, so it's nice to have nice people out there.

WMTW Channel 8

Here's the best part, Alexis shared a photo on Facebook to ask you all for help to find this woman.

This is what happened next,

Her daughter commented on our post and tagged her to get us in contact with her! We said thank you again and we are working on sending out a thank you card as soon as we get an address.
Alexis Dotson, mother of Madasyn.
What a beautiful end to a story of a simple act of kindness. The holidays are about perpetual hope and joy and it is so beautiful to see that humanity and the love for others is still alive and will within our state.

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