Former Governor Paul LePage is not happy with the current governor Janet Mills - so much so, he wants his old job back.

According to WABI5 News, LePage was at an event in Brewer on Tuesday to support a representative in that area. He was asked how he thinks Governor Janet Mills is doing. He did not hold back.

I just think she is completely in over her head. She is irresponsible and she's going to likely have me as a challenger in 3.5 years. There's a lot of hats going around saying 'LePage 2022.' I'm not discouraging it.


He thinks that Mills is following a national socialist agenda that's anti-small business and bad for Maine's economy, the news station reported.

He is right about one thing, this is national politics. Since 2017 politics nationally and locally have never been so left and right. Heels have never been dug in as deep as they are right now.

Whether you like Mills, or LePage, get use to the divide. It doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon.

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