It has been 14 months since the votes were turned in and ballots were cast to seek a Union for Bates College staff. Many staff, adjunct professors, faculty, and students stood together in solidarity to support unionization efforts.

But, what's the hold up? There are no results of this election over a year later.

An article posted by Bates College back in October stated that even though staff were positive due to the increasing union support, frustrations were in fact starting to run high as the waiting game has continued.

So why haven't the union votes been tallied and announced? One article by MSEA says it's because of "challenges to the unit composition." I am assuming this is how the union report is written?

Honestly, don't quote me because, I have no idea. I haven't been able to find anything concrete on why the delay is occurring. This could be a number of reasons and some simply to do with semantics and maybe their is a logical explanation.

According to the Maine Service Employee Association, MSEA, the delay is due to the composition and are alleging that not counting the tallies is illegal and goes against the Workers Rights under Maine Labor Laws.

Due to a recent law being passed called the "impoundment rule", Bates staff requested the ballots be tallied at last and as the article states the request was denied.

Hopes are that this will come to a resolution soon and this historic college will be moving forward.

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