SNL Kicks Off Season 46 With Spoof on Trump/Biden Debate
Though my fascination with this show has waxed and waned over the years, one thing still remains true; Saturday Night Live seems to always do a killer job casting the right characters to play contemporary political figures. And, of course, there is no exception this year...
Gov. LePage Calls Reporter ‘One Bad Lady’
Gov. Paul LePage had some strong words for a local TV news reporter recently, calling her 'One Bad Lady' on camera as he was leaving the Maine State House.
According to WGME, which posted the video on its Facebook page, LePage was responding to WGME reporter Marissa Bodnar, who was attempting to ques…
Obama Had Beyonce, Trump Has…Tony Orlando?
When Barack Obama was sworn in as President in 2008, he and his wife Michelle were serenaded by Beyonce. When Donald Trump celebrates his inaugural ball tomorrow (Jan. 20), he'll be serenaded by the ever so relevant....Tony Orlando?

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