It's quite amazing how time flies. Twenrty years ago I graduated from the Atlantic Broadcast Centre in Saint John, New Brunswick. On the certificate, it says, June 25, 1993, so almost 20 years, but what a great time. 

Saint John is a city about an hour from the Calais and Maine border. Somewhat like Portland, but slightly smellier. Saint John is the home of Irving Oil and the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy.

The class of '93 was a tight knit group. There were only 20 of us. Aside from it just being 20 years and for the most part employed in radio, it's wild how the technology has changed. We were taught how to splice reel to reel tape, which by the way I was never proficient at and never really utilized in my daily working. I could do it, it just wasn't my forte.

The school took a very hands-on approach to teaching radio. We were program directors even, taking turns on responsibilities. We were even taught sales, but again what I learned back then is to today as writing with scribes is to "auto-correct."

We've tossed around the idea of a 20-year reunion. Maybe we'll do something later this summer, it is just someone or myself has to take the lead in making the date, etc.

Since, the the program has ceased as far as I can tell. I've Googled Atlantic Broadcast Centre and there is very little on the Internet, so my guess is it shut down before the everyday use of the web.

A lot of partying went on that year, but no police were called nor were any arrests made. I guess we did it correctly. Many pranks too, for example we put confetti in someone's car air vent. The only thing I wish, is we took more pictures. Maybe it was the times and no one thought to take photos or guys just take fewer?  I don't know, but I only have one picture.

The big artists of the day were, TLC, Guns n Roses, PM Dawn, Joey Lawrence and Garth Brooks.