Who here is old enough to remember the "Storm of the Century" back in March 1993? It oddly happened exactly 21 years ago  as this storm rolling through now. A 'Throwback Thursday' and an "on this day" post all in one.

I was 21 and living in Saint John while taking broadcasting at the now gone Atlantic Broadcast Centre. I remember a foot or more of snow that day easily. A lot has changed in the last 21 years. Back then my roommates and I polished off a case or, as Canadians say, a "two-four" of Moosehead while watching the snow fall. Hungover the next morning for kicks and giggles, we took out my roommate's jeep and did donuts in the road. I guess he was testing his 4WD and e-brake and we had fun.

Twenty-one years later during this storm, I white-knuckled driving yesterday into work; last night driving home was much better but my attitude has totally changed. Not sure if it's my experiences with driving in snow, the responsibilities I now have or age that made me boring and sensible but here I am.

Actually yesterday I almost went off the road on the Hallowell-Litchfield Rd on my way into work, thankfully there was a snow bank to through back onto the pavement. No harm, no damage but still a little scary losing control.

Now, I never drink if there is a chance of a power outage because I may have to drive to warmth. I never do donuts in the snow, well almost never but it would have to be a vacant large parking lot with flat pavement to attempt.

We think we're invincible when we're young. We think we'll survive anything and thankfully we did.