I think it's important for people to remember, the Internet never forgets. Once something is out there, it's nearly impossible to get it back. That's why, 15 years later, we can still enjoy 13-year-old Brittany in her bucket hat glory. I should add, this hat matched the hat of my American Girl doll.

I was lucky enough to be a 7th grader when the state of Maine decided we should all get laptops in middle school. Even luckier, my teacher, Mr. Williams (I don't care that I'm an adult, I will NOT call him Ken!), was very involved and passionate about this initiative so this got the attention of The George Lucas Foundation. (Yes, THAT George Lucas.) I remember being so excited when I heard a film crew was coming to my tiny elementary school.

Sometimes it's nice that the Internet never forgets. Watching this floods me with memories of my old schoolmates. No matter what happens in teen years and into adulthood, there's a special bond you create with kids you spend every day with for 9 school years. To see the full article click here and enjoy the video evidence of how I still haven't outgrown my awkwardness below! Although I did finally ditch the bangs...

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