With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic causing the closure of many public pools and water parks, people are anxiously looking for something for their kids to do.  This is especially true one hot days when everyone is looking for a way to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors.

Because of this, millions of people are turning to a classic toy (activity?) from the 1980s...  Slip N Slide!

According to TMZ, sales of the the iconic water toy have jumped 180% since April.  In fact, in many places, stores are completely sold out of Slip 'N Slides.

Slip 'N Slide is not the only classic toy seeing a resurgence.  Wham-O's Frisbee sales jumped 500% in since April -- and its Boogie Boards spiked up 300%.

If you are one of the people having issues finding a Slip 'N Slide in stores, or you just have that DIY attitude, you can make your own out of stuff that you may have lying around your house.  Plastic sheets (like you'd use for housing insulation), wood, a few nails, etc.

Here's a video showing you how to do it.

Easy, right?

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