Maliboo boo
Maliboo boo

My car is back after my minor accident on Monday, September 30th. I shall now tell the story about this fender bender because enough time has now passed that we can all laugh about it.

That Monday, I had just gotten paid and Lynn and I hadn’t been out to eat since our anniversary, so after the bills were paid, we decided we were going to go to Tin Tin Buffet on Center St. in Auburn. When we go there we go on Mondays because Tin Tin has a buffet special that day. It’s slightly cheaper than on other days.

We invited my mother in-law along. Lynn goes to pick her up in her car. I stayed behind for five minutes just get a few little things done before I left like put away a load of laundry, sift the cat box and take out the trash. We were bringing two cars so I could jet to Augusta for work right after we ate.

I got into my car and for some reason I decided instead of going straight to the restaurant, I went to Lynn’s Mother’s. I arrived there and didn’t see Lynn or my mother in-law in the car so I parked right behind Lynn in her mother’s driveway. Then I saw Lynn’s hair and her mother in the passenger’s seat. Then it happens, Lynn started backing up before I could get out of the way and “crunch” right into the driver’s side headlight and beyond.

After a bit of assessing the situation and learning we’re all fine. Lynn’s mother says with perfect timing, “do you still want to go to lunch?” Lynn and I say yes. It’s not until I get to Tin Tin that I learn I can’t get out of my car. The door and quarter panel were dented in such a way, I had to push on the door with quite a bit of force to open it just enough to slide out.

We ate and afterwards went to our insurance company almost next door to the restaurant and give them the story. Luckily we have full-coverage on both vehicles because liability wouldn’t have covered an accident like that where both drivers live in the same house.

A day or so after the accident I get the word from the insurance company to have it looked at, I take the car to the collision repair shop; they take it in and give me a loaner, A Kia Spectra. Bare bones car, but it has great gas mileage. I get the call with the estimate, there was just over $2,200 worth of damage. So a week and a $250 dollar deductible later, it’s all good.

Now I can’t wait to see the cost of the premium in November.

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