Earlier today we bit the bullet and bought a car. The Saab we had served us well over the past few years but recently she was getting temperamental. It was almost to the point it was getting possessed.

Electrically the Saab was going rogue, for instance the heat would only run a once a day and usually it was the first time we used the car in the morning.

Mazda 5 Sliding Doors

The Saab dashboard lights would *ding* even if nothing was wrong, for example, the brake error light would come on when all lights were working. It was a 2003 and it was just time but enough on the Saab story.  (See what i did there?)

The thing that affects me the most is, the Saab was a car we paid cash for in 2011 with a tax refund and owned it out right from the start.

Bye Bye Saab

Back in 2012 we had paid off the old Malibu and bought the Ford Fusion the same way, in full out of the gate.

So for the first time in almost three years we have a car payment. It had to be done especially if we want to go on trips that take more than day's drive.

Mazda 5

We bought a Mazda 5 which is part van and part car because it has six seats and being a family of five it will be nice not to have to travel in a parade if we want to go somewhere with a family member or friend.

Mazda 5

It's a 2010, black car-van with 76,000 miles. Oddly, our insurance rate went down after dumping the Saab and that was a 2003 9-5, Linear with about 145,000 miles, weird. Not by much but we'll take it.

The Mazda is primarily Lynn's and as a husband I feel better with her driving it over the Saab.