June 18, 2014 marks 16 years since my wife and I had our first date. If you know me on Facebook, you probably already know the basics but I still like the day and the story.

Back in 1998, Lynn and I both worked for the same radio station in Auburn, Maine. She was the Administrative Assistant and I was the Promotions Director and overnight DJ. We first met a day or two after I got in an accident with the station van on the Auburn rotary. Lynn called me “Crash” when she first met me and that nickname stuck for the duration of my employment there.

After we connected a bit a few weeks later, we started flirting in the coffee area while smoking. Hard to believe it was only 16 years ago and we could smoke inside, but anyway, that's where it all began.

On June 18, 1998, I was leaving after I had done my work for the day, which was at about noon. At that time in my life I was living in Portland, so I took off in my little three-cylinder while Suzuki Swift went for the Interstate, as I get to the Gray exit I decided to turn around go back to work and ask Lynn if she wanted a ride home after work when she was done at 2 pm. I arrived back and asked her, and she said yes.

It was a fairly long ride home. As we left work I asked her if she wanted ride around a bit before dropping her off and she seemed to like the idea. We start our date, we head down Rt. 4 toward Turner then turn onto Rt 219 and sort of tool around through the back roads. After a bit of driving at a four way stop, we have our first kiss.

We continue talking and driving around. At one point, I say to Lynn, “do you want to see the transmitter site", she goes along. I wanted to see it because the tower fell during the ice storm earlier in the year and I wanted to see the progress in the rebuild. Off to New Gloucester we go. We get there and there isn’t a soul around. Work on the rebuilding project had begun, but they were at the beginning stages, there wasn’t anything that you’d have to look up to see.

We hang out there for awhile, get cozy and discuss life, goals, our past, etc. After some time, we decide to get dinner at Pizza Hut in Auburn, then located at the Auburn Plaza where Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Maxx and theaters are located. It's too bad I can't remember what toppings we ordered, maybe I'll ask Lynn tonight if she remembers when I get home.

After some food, I drove her home, at this time it’s about 7 pm.

Our first date was just about getting to know each other. A long drive and some food. It was a simple date, and it worked. Now together steadily for 15 1/2 years!